No Recipient Install Required Anti-Phishing Solution
Help Employees Fight Phishing

reduce their cognitive load sorting email

Get Email Noticed

behavioral econ makes emails more noticable

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Empower Your People

Empower employees to protect your enterprise.

Your employees don't want to let phishers into your enterprise. But they also need to interact with the outside world and current systems have a nasty habit of throwing out legitimate correspondence.

Never throws out legitimate correspondence
Super simple to install and maintain: no server configuration required
Simple, convenient, easy, and effective
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Pay Only Real Bills

Help clerks sort scams

We've all heard the stories and maybe even paid a few iffy bills. At no cost to you and with no workflow changes, Olenable makes the practice far less likely.

Olenable verification is no cost to you; low cost to vendors
It's easy and inexpensive for vendors to produce verified emails
Verified emails, that can't be changed, are also better in the event of internal or external audits
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Prove You're You

Protect your identity with Olenable labels

Spoofing emails is easy, an easy on-ramp for identity thieves pretending to be you or your organization. Whether sending a legal document, medical record, book draft or invoice clarify it's from you.

Protect recipients by proving you're you
Make it more likely your attachments are opened
Stop identity theft before it starts
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